Michael Sinclair is the creative director and founder of Voodoo Media Group. Started in 2001 when Sinclair and a life long friend started creating ‘feeder sites’ for adult websites looking to build traffic. HTML was still new and hand coding of sites was driven by hours of caffeine and a long playlist.

Sinclair tried his hand at directing, releasing the critically acclaimed Katie Loves Chrissy in 2002, this quickly evolved into adding a photographer and production crew to the team at VMG and they began producing content for studios like ATKingdom, Karup’s and what would become Sinclair’s pet project…MonsterPartners and their network of adult subscription sites.

While production consumed most of VMG’s resources during the mid to late 2000’s and personal would come and go, coding and site development is where the company excelled. Eventually Sinclair moved toward producing content for his own sites and began focusing more time on modernizing websites and offering new coding techniques, digital marketing and innovative new tech to other webmaster he met along the way.

VMG now focuses almost exclusively on Digital Marketing and Web Development with a varied client list that includes performers like Kendra Lust, and directors such as JackTheZipper. From start-ups to established brands, as well as performers and studios, VMG serves a diverse group with a list of services to help digital entrepreneurs in the adult industry.