Affiliate marketing has gotten a lot of attention as social media explodes. To those of us who us who have studied online marketing and have used it in the non-adult arena it is pretty cut and dry, and very powerful. Major corporations depend on its effectiveness to boost their earnings as well as build their brand in the online sphere.What a lot of those people don’t realize is that Adult Entertainment, at one point, were the pioneers of Affiliate marketing. So what is it and more importantly how can it make you money like it does so many others. An “affiliate” is someone who promotes a product or service and in return is given a percentage of the sale that they helped generate through promotion of the product of service. Online this promotion is done through various outlets, sharing content, writing reviews or articles, spreading the word about a product and many other creative ways.An affiliate marketer signs up to promote a product and they are assigned what is called a link code. This link code is a special string of characters that is exclusive to the affiliate and if used properly is a way of tracking who the affiliate sent to the products website or store to buy.I imagine you are starting to see how powerful this can be for adult websites. Having dozens if not hundreds of people spreading the word about a new scene or new site can help generate interest and sales. It was this business model that actually built the biggest sites in the online adult industry.

Before social media, affiliate marketing was typically done by what some called “webmasters”, which is actually a pretty outdated term for technical website developers. But these “webmasters” would create outlets to promote the sites that they signed up to market. Before the Tube sites there were other “websites that didn’t give away quite so much and teased the potential buyer into hitting that JOIN button and making money from a sale.

If you go to your favorite website and scroll down to the bottom, in the fine print you will more than likely see a link for “webmasters” or “make money” most every site has them, it is a call to sign up to promote the site in exchange for a percentage of sales. The shocker…most are offering 50% even 70% of every sale made.

In the “golden age” of adult, there were “webmasters”that literally made their millions just promoting websites. These days are long gone with so much content piracy and theft. But there is still money in the affiliate marketing game. In fact a lot of the money is being made by people who have built large followings of fans that are interested in actually buying membership and paying for DVD’s, namely people who have a fan-base, TALENT.

Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate to just about any website and be given a link that if promoted will generate money for you just for spreading the word to your fans. Truth is, if you are talent and on Twitter for example. When you re-tweet links to your scenes thinking you are helping promote the companies that hired you, there is a better than average chance that the link is an “affiliate link” that is making someone other than you money. In fact becoming a successful affiliate marketer is one of the few ways that adult entertainers can actually receive royalties of some sort for their library of work.

Affiliate Marketing is an integral part of Social Media Marketing, and could be a revenue stream for Adult Talent and personalities. Your posts, tweets, tags and even your snapchats, photos and vines can be making you money. At a time when our industry is contracting and revenue streams are shrinking, we encourage you take advantage of every available source of generating money from your work and popularity.

If you need help integrating affiliate marketing into your website or into your social media marketing plan contact us as we have some solutions ready and some we are working on. Lets all start sharing some links and making money.