Starting or continuing any online venture is best done with a solid foundation. Choosing an Adult friendly service provider is critical to this. In the Adult Industry this is critical. We noticed a big trend in 2015 for a lot of performers, and some online business…developing or building their websites using free services like Shopify, Weebly or Wix.

This isn’t a critique of those service providers, they all have their place and offer a needed service. They do NOT have their place servicing the Adult Industry. That is a fairly bold statement, so let me explain, none of those companies have terms of service that is definitively friendly toward Adult Industry services or adult content.

You should make it a point to always review the Terms of Service anytime you begin using a website, web service or app.

Let’s take a look at the Shopify Terms of Service. In section B, item 5 they supply a list of businesses prohibited from using their service. Safe to say most operating in the adult industry fall somewhere on that list.


Does this mean Shopify won’t take your business? No, there are lots of performers and adult business using Shopify with their own merchant accounts, which is how Shopify suggests adult businesses use their service. Is there a danger here? Yes, because all of your products are hosted on the Shopify servers. They could, at any time, decide they no longer want to do business with the Adult Industry, just like Paypal was forced to do years ago.

If you review the terms of service of any of the providers I mentioned they are all typically vague if not upfront in stating that adult material is prohibited when using their service. Do they police this? Enforce this? Some yes, some no. But let me ask you why would you begin, what you are working to make a successful venture, using a service that is not one hundred percent welcoming of the type of business you intend to run?

If you are using one of these, or similar, services to generate revenue you would be wise to look for proven, time tested adult friendly providers that you can trust. Hosting, shopping cart software, website design… all of these can be found from adult friendly providers. Loosing a Twitter or Instagram account because of a terms of service violation is one thing, but loosing your ability to generate revenue is unacceptable.

Non-Adult friendly companies with ambiguous an terms of service can lead to huge headaches down the line. As these providers grow in popularity or feel pressure from its user base to stop allowing Adult Businesses you will pay the price. Choosing an Adult friendly provider from the beginning is the way to protect yourself, and help the industry you work in.

We are always available for a free consult and have a complete list of Adult friendly service providers that can off you the same services as some of the companies listed. Feel free to contact us.