One of the features that Facebook rolled out that actually makes it bearable to even remain on Facebook for me is the ability to ignore certain people’s posts. Twitter recently followed suite with their own feature they like to call the “mute button”. Way over due, but so appreciated.

If you are primarily a mobile user you should now have the ability to tap the MORE feature and MUTE a specific @username. The user will not know you have silenced them and you will continue to see their feed if you check their timeline but their posts will no longer appear in your feed.

This has proven to be a great feature for cutting through some of the nonsense and keep a timeline informative or more focused. The benefits to adult entertainers should be fairly obvious, with increased chatter and industry gossip it is very hard to keep focused on running your social media campaign and not get caught up in the fray.

Some Tips on How to Use the New Feature:

Mute users that you need to follow but are constantly slamming your timeline with irrelevant Retweets and unrelated content. Kill the cute overload. Unless you need your daily fix of puppies and babies this is a good way to minimize the distraction.

Incessant Affiliate Marketers. Adult is slow to the punch on how to successfully market affiliate links, ( hint you need to do more that slam scene links every 10 minutes ). Reward fans with a follow and still not have to see their daily tweets allowing you to keep focused on industry relevant content and news.

Everyone has the right to use their timeline how they see fit but know you have more control on how those you need to follow can effect what you see on yours. Effective use of Twitter as your main social media outlet just got a whole lot easier with this added tool.

The feature was put into limited effect in late May but is making its way throughout the Twitter-Sphere. Check it out and take control of your timeline. For more info, check out the official release announcement.