So you are a new performer that would like to secure a domain name for your brand or chosen performer name. Congratulations on having the forethought to research it and make an informed decision.

Good chance you have checked to see if you performer name is available, also good chance it is not. Lets say Cherry Red, is your performer name and you have found out that someone else already owns it. Grrrr. What are you to do?

Well you should take a second and get creative, think of a phrase or add a word that might make it more available. Something like or Often, coming up with something creative can be just as beneficial.

There are a few rules you will want to follow when choosing a domain:

1. ALWAYS get a .Com.  The jury is still out on other extensions like .xxx or the recently available .porn. The pluses and minuses of going that route are beyond this articles scope, but .COM is till the king and always will.

2. Three words or less. A lot of reason for this actually, but it comes down to easy to remember (and to type)

3. At Least One Keyword. A keyword is something that Google or other search engines use to find you. Using a keyword that is relevant will put you ahead in the search engine race. Your performer name is the best keyword you can use 😉

Following those three rules should help you find a domain name that works for you, is easy for people to remember and easy for Google to find.

In a follow up post we will give you our tips on where you should register your domain name and why. Here is a tip that may surprise you…Godaddy is NOT the best option for performers and companies in the adult entertainment industry.