There are a lot of bad things lurking on the ‘interwebs’ like viruses, malware, identity thieves. All very serious problems and even more serious if you frequent Adult Entertainment websites. Some are inclined to think that is because Adult Entertainment websites are malicious and designed to be harmful. The mainstream press loves pointing this out and that is not to say there isn’t some truth to it.

One of the biggest challenges Adult Companies and entrepreneurs face is gaining legitimacy, trust and professionalism in an industry that has a horrible reputation. The fact that many nefarious individuals use the Adult Entertainment industry to scam and wreak havoc, and that some of those that are actually in the industry have business models whose plan is to scam and wreak havoc, makes it all that more difficult. Many in the Adult Entertainment industry are business professionals who take steps to protect you when you are visiting their websites. One step all Adult Industry online businesses should do is adding an SSL certificate to their website.

One of the things you can do is protect yourself online is by making sure not to enter any personal information in to websites that do not have the proper safeguards to protect your information. You may have noticed that some sites you visit display a green lock icon in the web browser like in the picture below. This indicates a proper SSL (secure socket layer) certificate of protection.


This icon indicates the company has taken the time to add a layer of protection to their site to protect your information that is being passed to them through forms and other places you may be asked to send along information. While we feel it is personally a good idea that most sites if not all should have this protection to prevent malware, viruses and the like, it really is only required when the site in question is asking you to pass information to them.

One thing you NEVER want to do is enter personal or financial information, like credit card payments to a website that does not have this icon and this layer of protection. Doing so is almost a for sure way of putting your identity and credit card information at risk.

Help yourself and hold your favorite sites accountable. Insist on secure protection for your personal information.