User experience when visiting websites should rank high for every online venture, you want your users to have the best experience while visiting your website. It should load fast, be easy to navigate and look good on every device used to access it.

Mobile traffic, and we can include tablets in this, to websites has far surpassed desktops and in some cases laptops. If your website does not look good, load fast and is easy to use on every platform especially mobile you are guaranteed loosing customers because then are frustrated.


Responsive design is a term used to refer to websites that look good across various platforms used to access them. A site that is responsive is one that looks good on a laptop, desktop and even the smallest of phone screens. This is accomplished in several ways that are outside the scope of this article, however all accomplished designers and developers working today should be designing responsive. If yours is not, find another one. There is no circumstance in adult entertainment where responsive design is not needed.

Your users are at the forefront of technology use and are using a multitude of platforms, you NEED to accommodate them. It is important to note there is a difference between mobile design and responsive design. Mobile design is building a version of your site that is served to your mobile users, while responsive design is a ‘layer of design’ that springs into action depending on the users device size. We design responsively in almost every situation and suggest responsive over mobile, but mobile is better than a site with no other option. No matter what you choose having a pleasant experience for your users regardless of their device is the goal.