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Designers...Marketers...Problem Solvers. We bring our talents to bear on finding the best solutions that design, marketing, and technology can bring to your challenges.With over a decade working within the Adult Entertainment field we offer you solutions catered to the unique challenges that face Adult Industry start-ups, established companies and personalities.


Over a decade of design, development and branding in both the Adult Industry and Creative Market, VMG brings the experience and vision to see your products through from development to release.


In an industry full of do-it-yourselfers and part-time coders, our design and development projects stand above the norm, setting your project apart form the rest, quickly establishing trust and bulding brand loyalty.


We know how to meet deadlines. Promises and “Coming Soon” pages do not put money in your pocket or ours, get it done right and on time. Work with a team that understands the latest technology and how to put it to use.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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We work with a diverse range of clients in the Adult Industry. From personalities and performers to companies and start-ups.


Manipulative Media

Branding, Design, Website Development



Design, Website Development


ECT Graphics

Branding, Design


Nexxxt Level Talent Agency

Branding, Website Development



Design, Video/Motion Graphics


Girls In A Bind

Design, Video/Motion Graphics


East Coast Talent

Branding, Design, SEO, Website Development


Monster Partners

Design, SEO, Website Development

Our Services

Our Core Services. Integral to success in a rapidly changing landscape.

Web Development

Fan Sites | Membership Sites | Agency Sites | Custom WordPress Development


We dont promise, we deliver. Result oriented SEO campaigns.

Content Marketing

Engage brand loyalists. Establish your position. Increase revenue.

Social Media Consulting

“so easy anyone can do it”… But few are doing it with results.

Brand Development

Consultation & Strategy. Deployment. Position yourself for success.

Inbound Marketing

Custom Email Solutions | Blogs | Social Monitoring

Content builds relationships, relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue. Drew Davis

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